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Minor Service   

Our minor service carries out a wide range of checks and during the service we also change the engine oil and engine oil filter. This service will benefit the lower mileage driver and can save you money by not, unnecessarily; changing parts that have done less mileage than they were designed to perform (see service report).

Full Service   

Millstream’s comprehensive full service represents excellent value for money and carries out a great number of checks and adjustments. It will replace the spark plugs (petrol engines only) air filter, engine oil, oil filter and diesel fuel filter (diesel engines only). We will assess a wide range of items for wear and tear and present you with a report that will enable you to see what condition these items are in, together with our own fully trained technicians opinion.

• Additional charges will apply to vehicles fitted with platinum and multi-electrode spark plugs and where vehicles require special or synthetic oils.

Please telephone us to discuss your vehicle servicing requirements on 01425 477822 or 01202 290990 or book your service online

Air filters, oil filters, spark plugs (petrol engine) and fuel filter (diesel engine) are fundamental to the performance of an automotive engine.

Air filters are designed to operate in hostile environments within extreme temperature conditions and prevent contaminants from entering the engine management system. Oil filters are designed to handle large volumes of oil, removing particles of metal, carbon and other debris from the combustion process. Spark plugs determine optimal performance, reliable functioning of an engine and play a major role in fuel economy and the reliable operation of engines and catalytic converters. Diesel fuel filters protect diesel injected engines from contaminants as well as removing small droplets of water often found in diesel fuel. During operation all these items are subjected to both wear and fouling and should be replaced at regular intervals.

Other filters that are fitted to some vehicles that we check on the condition are:

Cabin filters are becoming common place on today’s motor vehicles and if not replaced can result in pollen and harmful substances inside a vehicle being up to six times more concentrated than the outside. If it becomes clogged it can cause ventilation fans to work too hard to draw in air from the outside. The ventilation lacks power and is unable to demist the windscreen, eventually resulting in ventilation fans from wearing out prematurely. A clean cabin filter will prevent many harmful spores and pollen entering the vehicle interior through the heating and air conditioning system. We recommend that cars fitted with cabin filters have them replaced annually or every 10,000 miles.

Fuel filters are designed to protect an engines sophisticated petrol injection equipment and engine management system. They will trap contaminants that may be present in the fuel or rust and sediment from the fuel tank. Replacement of the fuel filter at intervals will maintain high performance and prolong the life of your engine, avoiding costly repairs. We recommend that fuel filters on petrol engines vehicles are changed at least every 20,000 miles.

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