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With advanced vehicle technology rapidly becoming standard on most modern cars, technicians must be prepared to work quickly and accurately on a daily basis with state-of-the-art test equipment on a variety of systems sensors and actuators.

There are already over 10 million cars in the UK with petrol injection or engine management systems and, as 99% of all new petrol, engine vehicles in Western Europe are manufactured with this technology, this figure can only increase. These engines need sophisticated test equipment to diagnose faults and system failures.

Millstream Motor Company has teamed up with the worlds leading manufacturer of petrol injection systems and also Europe’s largest manufacturer of the associated test equipment – Bosch, to be able to provide full engine diagnostics.

We use Bosch’s latest wireless engine diagnostic equipment, the KTS 650 with its ESI[tronic] software and we are members of the highly successful Bosch Car Service network giving us full access to all the latest technical information.

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