For ABS Brakes repairs / servicing call Millstream Motor Co on 01425 477822 or 01202 290990 or book your car in to the garage online now.

The braking system on a vehicle is easily one of the most important systems on your car. They are such a basic function it is easy to take them for granted until it is too late.

Regular brake checks are extremely important to ensure the future safety and reliability of your vehicle.

We carry out brake checks as part of vehicle servicing programme or you can have them checked at any time by contacting us on 01425 477822 or 01202 290990. We can carry out all repairs on braking systems from simple adjustments through to ABS faults.

We also carry out brake fluid testing as part of our vehicle servicing schedule or as part of brake check. This is done by measuring the boil point of your cars brake fluid.

Brake fluid over time absorbs moisture this in turn lowers the boil point of the brake fluid and under certain driving condition can result in the brakes failing.

Our Vehicle service programme will identify any problems with your brakes and provide you with a report as to their condition. Or you may book a separate brake inspection at any time.

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